Shaping the future

EdShift equips the next generation with the skills to achieve healthy relationships with others and self, enabling us to accomplish our wider aim of tackling domestic violence, child sexual exploitation and mental health.

Drama based learning

Through a sense of exploration and wonder we can allow children and young people to navigate a complex world of feelings, thoughts and opinions.

EdShift is a community interest company that delivers drama based learning programmes across key stage 2 – 3 and 4.

We aim to provide exemplary drama based learning workshops and digital resources to enable children and young people to explore conflict situations in a safe, fun and creative environment.

Specific Outcomes

The specific outcomes likely to be achieved through EdShift’s programme include, reduced feelings of isolation, new coping skills, a wider expression of feelings, improved self-esteem, increased sense of spontaneity and positive relationships.


Our workshops use drama processes to achieve the therapeutic goals of cohesion, empathy and personal growth.

Experiential Approach

We use an experiential approach that facilitates the participant’s ability to solve problems, express feelings appropriately, explore consequences, improve interpersonal skills and strengthen the ability to perform personal life roles.

3 Target Areas

We aim to reduce the rapid increase in:

…in response to local and national need, reclaiming children and young people’s position in society as priority and transforming communities with the skills and aspiration to achieve equality, resilience and respect. 

Raising Awareness

Raising awareness and empowering young people with the skills to speak up and seek out support should they or anyone they know be effected by domestic abuse, mental health or child sexual exploitation.

In by doing so we aim to create more cohesive and responsible communities that stand up and know how to get proactively involved to reduce our 3 target areas.  


Our approach is an active, experiential process that draws on children and young people’s capacity for play, utilising it as a central means of accessing and expressing feelings, gaining insight and practising successful approaches to difficult situations.

We predominately focus on domestic abuse, mental health or child sexual exploitation, exploring issues such as consent, healthy and abusive behaviours, coping strategies and empathy.  


Our programmes provide an appropriate means of processing events with children and adolescents for whom verbal methods alone may be insufficient.

We tap into their natural inclination toward play and utilise it to engage the participants as a means of safely exploring issues and difficult feelings.

EdShift’s workshops are facilitated in a safe space, encouraging participants to explore often suppressed feelings. Our drama practices accesses creativity and imagination because it is a safer, familiar method for young people to make sense of relationships and complex feelings. 

new opportunity!

We are looking for 8 individuals to fill our board of Volunteer Directors with specific knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

  • Child Sexual Exploitation (Police/ Social Services)
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Arts Therapy
  • Digital Arts
  • Child and Adolescent mental health
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Education (Primary and secondary)