Visions and Values


Our mission is to dramatically redefine relationships for the next generation and beyond.


Our vision is that one day in this world, everyone will have the courage and skills to seek and achieve healthy, equal and fulfilling relationships.

Company Values


At EdShift, we recognise the arts as a dynamic vehicle with which to drive social and individual change.

We encourage children and young people to navigate a complex world of feelings, thoughts and opinions through a sense of exploration and wonder

We endeavour to approach our partners, projects, and practice with the same sense of curiosity, creativity and innovation.


We advocate the importance of nurturing empathetic individuals.

We believe it is the force with which we can break down barriers, the channel through which we can connect and communicate and understand the human experience. It is the bridge between us and I.

At the root of our practice, empathy is the driving life skill through which we seek to achieve our mission and vision.


We believe that healthy, equal and fulfilling relationships are a basic human right. We understand that social norms and power structures reinforce harmful and violent behaviours.

We exist to disrupt this narrative. Our purpose is to elevate the awareness of a generation with alternatives to violence and empower them with the skills and aspiration to achieve this.

We are committed to providing a range of opportunities for children and young people.

By placing our beneficiaries at the heart of the decision making, we will empower their voices to shape and influence our practice.

Company Aims

The aims of EdShift are to carry out activities which benefit our community and to bring quality, structured drama-based learning programmes and digital resources to children and young people aged 7 -16 with a focus on:


Young people experience the highest rates of domestic abuse in any age group.


A third of girls report experiencing some form of sexual violence


A quarter of girls experience some form of physical violence


A third of young people have experienced some form of cyber abuse or stalking


There are 130,000 children in the UK living with domestic abuse where there is a high risk of murder or serious harm

The NSPCC report that 1 in 5 children in the UK have been exposed to domestic abuse.

Children experience a range of feelings from incredibly sad and depressed, to getting upset and angry, feeling lonely, scared and anxious or ashamed and embarrassed.

Currently, a third of children exposed to domestic violence will experience mental health issues and substance misuse and are four times more likely to enter an abusive relationship, either as a victim or a perpetrator.

Despite this, there are significant gaps in support services for children experiencing or living with domestic abuse. At EdShift we believe this perpetuates the cycle of violence.


Our objective is to plug the gaps in support services by delivering our ACT OUT/ SPEAK UP programme and SpotLight intervention. We want to empower young people to make healthy, informed choices that enrich their lives & keep them safe. We believe that acknowledging and validating children’s difficult experiences and reassuring them that they are not alone and not to blame, will break the cycle of violence.

"Children’s outcomes significantly improve across all key measures after support from specialist services."