Domestic Violence

A Letter to Mankind

I am still connected to you, like death clinging to a cigarette. I’m tied to you through the ruptured cord of our children. I am stuck to you through a shared Mobius strip of haunted memories and lopsided photographs. Jolted screams of laughter burst the silence.

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Taking Steps Towards Sex

It’s always going to be awkward talking about sex. But it’s essential and talking about sex is ultimately taking steps towards responsibility, respect and intimacy. However, how can we know what’s right and wrong when there’s a colossal amount of information offering us advice?

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Creative Coup?

It’s a treacherous thing being a drama teacher. Not only are you armed with a legion of lesson plans but also a legacy of texts worthy of solving Brexit, you’re faced with a barricade of entrenched beliefs that the Arts are weak in comparison to the Zeus like Sciences. Countless times drama teachers have been harmed by bullets of resistance.

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Mental Health


On the 10th October 2019 the nation will celebrate World Mental Health day. It is a day that the world comes together to praise diversity, educate, advocate and raise awareness. We shine a light on the importance of mental illness and the ripple effect it can have on people’s lives.

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Domestic Violence

The drama and tragedy of teen domestic violence.

We can all remember our first love. We can relive the same intense feelings, regrettably recalling our most impulsive behaviours and amateur outbursts. There is no truer saying than the first cut is the deepest for many reasons, cheered on by our romanticised notions of what love really is. We’re still learning our lines, feeling through emotions and understanding who we are. Accompanied by an intoxicating chemical surge of hormones. This is why we can all relate to the words of inexperience uttered by Romeo.

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