Our Programmes

To meet the needs of our young people we have expanded our pathways of support. this includes:

tier 1:

  • In Touch Drop In Every Thursday 3:30 – 4:30pm 
  • Peer support group for 13 – 25-year-olds every Tuesday evening 5 – 7 at The YouthBase
  • BraveBox

tier 2:

SpotLight Early Intervention Programme

tier 3:

The Nest Art Therapy 1:1 and Little Nests Group Art Therapy

We know that early access to appropriate support gives children an opportunity to process their trauma and can minimise the onset of complex mental health issues. We want to give children autonomy over the care they receive. As children journey through the pathway. Our practitioners will support them to identify what they want to achieve and how to achieve that outcome as an integral part of their journey towards healing and recovery.

We understand that ‘1 size doesn’t fit all’ having a tiered model of support means that young people can choose what support is appropriate for them. It also gives children the flexibility to explore different or multiple ‘routes’ of support so they have a greater opportunity to overcome their adverse experiences. Fundamentally, we want children to feel empowered to make decisions about their own lives.

We want EdShift to be a safe and trustworthy space for young people, where the come to experience a non-negotiable sense of self-worth. Our pathway of support means we are actively resisting re-traumatisation.

Children have told us they don’t want to recount incidents of domestic abuse to different professionals. Multidisciplinary pathways mean our practitioners are better placed to work in collaboration across the staff teams and with young people, empowering them to make informed choices about their health and wellbeing.

Evidence shows that children are more likely to recover from the trauma of witnessing domestic abuse if they have:

  • Access to therapeutic work
  • A safe and contained space.
  • Access to group work so they can share their experiences with peers.
  • An environment that holds space and acknowledges feelings of shame as an integral part of their journey towards recovery.
  • Support that explicitly addresses trauma; where painful experiences can be shared, and shame transformed into acceptance.
  • Holding space for the basic unacceptability of the acts of the perpetrator
  • Support that encourages them to reconnect with peers as well as developing a sense of play.


Establishing trust and building a relationship with the children we support is crucial.  Relationship building is at the forefront of our minds because we foster an environment of open dialogue with the young people we support, the non-abusive parent and communication between staff and our partners.

When working with children our practitioners establish trust by helping them navigate the often-overwhelming professional system, ensuring they are clear about what is happening and what their choices are and in turn increasing their resilience to overcome their adverse experiences.

Act Out Speak Up

Our drama-based ACT OUT/SPEAK UP programme is delivered to children and young people (aged 7 – 21) to help them develop the skills for healthy, nurturing relationships of all kinds.


SpotLight is EdShift’s early intervention programme that supports children and young people aged 4 – 16 who are living with or have been affected by exposure to domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Project zero

Project Zero is EdShift’s whole school approach provision to end violence against women and girls (VAWG) by recruiting allies, raising awareness, and encouraging positive bystander action.


The BraveBox Initiative is our response to the cost-of-living crisis, ensuring we reach children living in high-risk households and send them the healing message of ‘you are not alone’.

The NEst

One-to-one Art Therapy sessions for 4–16-year-olds, using art materials as tools of communication and creativity as a form of expression.

If you would like to come and look around our EdShift @The YouthBase, plan a visit or need advice and guidance then email info@edshift.co.uk our lovely admin Liz will be more than happy to pop the kettle on and point you in the right direction.