We respond to current challenges faced by children and young people by providing our ACT OUT/ SPEAK UP programme, across KS2, 3 and 4 in mainstream and alternative education.

Our measures of success have regard to the statutory guidance and government regulations by embedding the current guidelines into our programme of work.

We use forum theatre and digital resources to enable children and young people to explore relationship issues, improve cognitive and consequential thinking and build confidence and self-esteem.

The difference our ACT OUT/ SPEAK UP programme will make: Children will be able to:

Understand the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships

Recognise ‘red flags‘ in the early stages of a relationship

Identify unhealthy relationships, avoid a volatile situation or leave before it escalates.

“I feel more confident to get into new relationships as I can use the work with the YPVA Service to see if the relationship I am in is healthy or unhealthy.”

Billie-Jo, Young survivor Safe Young Lives Report


Our ACT OUT/SPEAK UP Programme offers 3 workshops:


Safety in forming and maintaining relationships


The characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships


How relationships may affect mental and physical health

We provide a whole school approach to promote community responsibility by holding parents & carers assemblies. This inclusive engagement encourages a proactive community-based response to reporting and tackling domestic violence.

The full cost of ACT OUT/ SPEAK UP, which includes 3 workshops, CPD training and Parents & Carers assembly is £1500


As part of our ACT OUT/SPEAK UP PROGRAMME we also provide CPD training for teachers to enhance curriculum teaching & learning.