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We are looking for 8 individuals to fill our board of Volunteer Directors with specific knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

We have reached an exciting and pivotal stage in our journey and are now in the position of expanding our team. We are looking for creative pioneers to help us achieve our mission. We are seeking fun, dynamic, zany, team players who are passionate about the arts and the social impact creativity has on the lives of children and young people.

As a community interest company, we strive to benefit children and young people and the community, so perhaps you share grass roots beliefs, have worked in the third sector or you need a fresh and exciting new challenge that aligns with your core values. You really care about the next generation, in fact you are concerned about the cuts to youth services and education, the decline in creative subjects, the rise in adolescent mental health and how this will affect future generations. You see yourself as a driver for change and strategically position yourself in order to make effective changes.

You have a clear understanding of the issues children and young people face, particularly in areas such as social deprivation, education, gender inequality, poverty, mental health and well-being. You are a visionary, either within a creative field or fighting for social justice. You have compassion for vulnerable people and are largely driven by a sense of purpose. You have a background in any of our three target areas and come with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. You are aware of existing societal biases and beliefs and how these reinforce barriers to change. You have either delivered frontline work, managed staff or multiple services.

If you resonate with any of the above candidate attributes, we would really like to hear from you.

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