Sexual harassment is highly prevalent in schools.

It is also gendered, overwhelmingly involving boys targeting girls.

0 %
of female students have personally experienced some form of sexual harassment at school.
0 %
of female students have been subjected to unwanted physical touching of a sexual nature while at school.
0 %
of teachers witness sexual harassment in their school on a weekly basis.

If you saw a mate or stranger sexually harassing a girl would you speak up and say something? 

If a mate sent you a naked pic of a girl, would you challenge it and tell them it’s wrong? 

If you heard about a serious sexual incident, would you call the police?

Project Zero funded by:

When we ZERO IN on our own behaviours and challenge the behaviour of those around us we become a positive bystander. 

Some of the barriers to being a positive bystander include the diffusion of responsibility – the belief that someone else will do it; being too concerned about how you look, that you might be ridiculed; that you will stand out – when you want to fit in with what might appear to be a ‘normal’ situation.

PROJECT ZERO is about challenging these barriers. 

It’s about ZEROING IN on the relationship between gender inequitable beliefs that reinforce violence against women and girls, so it can begin to ZERO OUT.